Hey guys, how’s it going? You probably know me already as the YouTube guy, but I’m also a full-time yoyo competitor and head at OFFSET.

During the day, I’m usually either traveling the globe, generating new ideas, or holding off on editing my latest video upload.

Whenever I genuinely feel like doing something, such as running a marathon or winning worlds - in most cases there’s nothing that can convince me to stop.


I’ve tuned a lot of yoyos. The only reason I haven’t had a mental breakdown yet is probably thanks to cold showers

When I make my freestyles, there’s always at least one set of music cues which I’m trying my absolute hardest to hit. On rare occasions, I fear I’ve stolen so many tricks that I’m gonna get flagged for unoriginality.

At OFFSET, I handle the logistics - customer inquiries, order fulfillment & quality control. I’m the glue holding OFFSET together when times are rough.


Hey, Xavier here. When I’m not busy yoyoing, you can find me curling 20kgs and binge eating raw Korean crabs.

By day, I'm laser focused on designing anything that looks cool (websites etc.) By night, I'm either conquering neck stoles or practicing to Apashe.

In OFFSET, I'm in charge of branding and design. Making Offset look like that cool boy down the street. My mantra? Self-education and Independence. That's me. See y'all at future yoyo contests!


Hi! Mr. Vu here, or how some of you know me by: Brandon's Dad. I started yoyoing in 1972 and the tricks then are so different to what yoyoing is now.

I'm grateful for all your support towards Brandon, my son. It means the world to me seeing him cultivate such a vibrant and happy yoyo community. Watch me on Brandon's Youtube to see me learn more yoyo tricks and try to catch up to Brandon's level.


If you don’t know who I am, I’m a product designer most known in the community for the premium yoyo brand Luftverk. I am obsessed with creating interesting experimental yoyos, like the Cheatcode.

I got into yoyos in 2005 and started creating them as an engineering student. Now, six years later, we're still releasing new yoyos and gaining more fans. I focus on designs I love, thanks to customers who believe in my work. For me, making yoyos is more about art than science.