Plastic Cheatcode

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Color: Blue


The Ultimate Beginner Fingerspin Yoyo

The world's best fingerspin yoyo, now redesigned as an affordable plastic! With a fingerspin dimple to make DNA tricks effortless and an ultra-wide competition shape that makes tricks like 'Godspeed' easier!

The Plastic Cheatcode is your secret weapon designed to help you master the beginner and intermediate tricks.

Yoyo Type

Responsive from box (But comes with an unresponsive bearing)






70 grams


Polycarbonate plastic

Responsive & Unresponsive.

53mm Wide.

That's Plastic Cheatcode.

You’ll Feel like You're Cheating.

Auto Orientation Technology

A fingerspin dimple that allows you to go into a fingerspin at any angle even if the yoyo isn’t perfectly thrown sideways.

Fingerspinning Made Too Easy, It's Almost Suspicious.

A dimple design that's basically a fingerspin magnet. Ensures effortless fingerspins by eliminating 'aimless wander'.

Budget Friendly!

Its strong polycarbonate plastic body & wide butterfly shape is precisely crafted to withstand competitive play.

New to Yoyoing? We've got you Covered!

It comes responsive out of the box. Use the bearing tool to swap to the unresponsive grooved bearing to make it unresponsive for advanced play.

The Ultimate Plastic DNA Yoyo.

It's so Good, it's Brandon Vu approved.

Stable, Wide & Powerful.

Built for Godspeed tricks.

Auto Orientation Technology.

A yoyo dimple that allows you to go into a fingerspin at any angle.

The Ultimate Fingerspin Cap.

A plastic hub engineered for easy fingerspins.



Designer's Introduction

How It Began.

Hey! This is Jeffrey writing - Thought you'd like to read the whole story of how this all happened. If you don’t know who I am, I’m a product designer most known in the community for the premium yoyo brand Luftverk. I am obsessed with creating interesting experimental yoyos, and the Cheatcode was kind of developed by accident - It wouldn't have been possible without Brandon.

Part I

A Happy Yoyo Accident

In 2021 I designed and 3D printed a lot of random yoyos. One of them I printed was a yoyo to try and solve the shortcomings of the SKYVA and all the other yoyos on the market that used a similar style dimple. I printed this one prototype that did some crazy gyroscopic fingerspin thing where no matter what you did, you would end up in a fingerspin. I didn't know what to do with it though so it got abandoned and I moved onto other projects. Keep in mind this was before the whole Tiktok DNA trend happened so I just didn't think people would be that interested.

Part II

More Than Just a Yoyo

Fast forward a year later Brandon calls me and expresses interest in working on something together. Brandon helped me realize how many people were getting into the hobby through his social media. He didn't really have a product that was a "best all around yoyo".

This was important to me because as a kid, yoyoing taught me so many skills. Yoyoing taught me discipline, perseverance and so many other important life skills. Suddenly, when anything else in my life felt impossible, I always think back to when I first picked up yoyoing.

Part III

Revolutionising Fingerspins

If I could develop a yoyo that brought down the learning barriers by a large margin, it would mean that more kids would stick to yoyoing, and hopefully also feel empowered in things later in life like school and work. This might not feel like a big deal, but it really shaped who I am as a person now, even 18 years later.

This is why we devleoped the "Cheatcode" - To make yoyoing for beginners as easy and rewarding as possible.

Part IV

No Compromise on Performance

Brandon's contribution was vital during the design stage, since unlike me - he competes in yoyo contests a lot. Traditional fingerspin yoyos tend to focus so much on the ability to fingerspin that they sacrifice stability and spintime. Brandon was pretty adamant on getting this right, so I had to make many prototypes to fix stability issues making the Cheatcode a highly competition oriented yoyo.

Part V

A Friendship Forged in Yoyoing

Aside from the technical jargon, I also really wanted to convey mine and Brandon's friendship over the years - even including a silly photo of us on the packaging. Its kind of my one chance at feeling like a celebrity (haha). I hope our efforts show through with this design. It really pushed my limits on what can be done with a yoyo, both in branding and engineering. I'm just glad i got to do it with one of my best friends.

Final Words.

So, that's the full story of the CHEATCODE. It was a mission to get to where we are now, but I could not have done it without everyones love and support.

We hope you love it as much as we loved creating it. It is always exciting to develop a product that has the potential to impact a new generation of players.

Kind Regards,
Jeffrey Pang

Included in the box


Professional Yo-yo String

Customer Reviews

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Will Esguerra

love this yoyo plays like a feather on the string and fingerspins for YEARS its the perfect TikTok yoyo for godspeed and dna can't describe it fully but its amazing


Best yo yo thanks, (bv) and thanks (jp) good for DNA and Godspeed :) 10-10

Very nice!

Stable, smooth, solid, extremely wide and the finger spin mechanism is working out of the box. Highly recommended

Aarav Bahadur
Soon smooth for a plastic yoyo

I am very pleased with this yoyo very much.

Alfredo Caban
Chatcode plástic

Soooo Smoth for plastic